Ed The Dog - 'Untitled.crashed.crashed.crashed' Vinyl LP Preorder (First Edition, Numbered, Signed)


Preorder the vinyl LP ‘Untitled.crashed.crashed.crashed’ by Ed The Dog. Released via ALLONEWORD Records on limited edition vinyl (lot of 100)

Expected shipping in Spring 2021.

A Side
1. Everybody, I Love You
2. Thank You Buddy
3. The Milk
4. Subtle Things
5. Untitled.crashed.crashed.crashed

B Side
6. Pulse Flickers Under Wrist
7. Post Post World
8. True Love
9. I'll Be Your Dog
10. I'm Gonna Change That

Written and recorded by Ed The Dog
Produced by Ed Wetenhall and Charlie Lashmar
Mastered by Ben Booker
Artwork by Ed Wetenhall
Ed The Dog 2020
ALLONEWORD Records 2020
Interstellar Music Group 2020